Student Travel Subsidy for Tertiary or Post-secondary Students


To be eligible for the Student Travel Subsidy (STS), a tertiary or post-secondary student must

  • be successful in his application for assistance under the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS) or Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP) ;
  • attend a full-time day course up to first degree level;
  • reside beyond 10 minutes' walking distance from student's normal place of study and travel to school by public transport.

Please note that the following programmes will not be eligible for the STS:

  • distance-learning programmes, on-line programmes or programmes outside Hong Kong,
  • term-day placement with allowance of any kinds; or
  • periods of exchange/ placement programme outside Hong Kong.

Application Procedures

Applicant must indicate the wish for STS in the application form for financial assistance under the TSFS or FASP and apply through their respective institutions.

For full-time post-secondary students pursuing accredited, self-financing post-secondary education programme covered by FASP who are aged over 30 in 2014 / 15 academic year (i.e. born on or before 31.8.1983), they are not eligible for assistance under the FASP. These students who intend to apply for STS should follow the application procedures for STS under the Financial Assistance for Primary and Secondary students.

Amount of Subsidy

The subsidy is calculated on the basis of the average unit fare between the district, in which a student resides during term time, and the district in which the normal place of study is located.

Payment Procedures, Payment Date and Application Result

  • STS will normally be released two months after the FASP assistance is released. Payment of the travel subsidy for the school year will be made by autopay by installments or in one lump sum and credited into the bank account specified in the application form.
    • For institutions with hostel accommodation/ exchange programme/ placement
      As the residence/ study status of the applicant will directly affect whether and how the Agency will disburse the travel subsidy to the applicant, it is necessary for the Agency to confirm whether the applicants are hostel/ exchange/ placement students in the first semester before the disbursement of partial STS subsidy. The remaining balance can only be released to applicants after the list of hostel/ exchange/ placement students for the whole school year is received from the institutions.
    • For institutions without hostel accommodation/ exchange programme/ placement
      It is necessary for the Agency to confirm the course information before the disbursement of the STS payment. If the institutions concerned provide the course information before our disbursement of the STS payment, the applicants will be paid in one lump sum. Otherwise, we may need to arrange payment to the applicants by installments.
  • The Agency bears no responsibility for any erroneous entry made by the applicants. Any such errors may cause delay in receipt of payment.
  • List of institutions with payment made to their students will be posted onto the Agency’s webpage from time to time. Separately, the Agency will send SMS message to the successful applicants in accordance with the mobile phone number provided by the applicants to notify them that the payment of subsidy has been made by auto transfer.
  • In case the institutions update any information provided that affects the payment of travel subsidy, the Agency will recalculate the subsidy accordingly. The applicants may be required to refund any overpaid subsidy.
  • If your payment has been rejected by the Autopay System due to incorrect information on the application form, you will be notified to approach the Student Travel Subsidy Section of this Agency for rectification of incorrect data.
  • In case your application is unsuccessful, you will be notified separately.
The payment date and institution lists with travel subsidy released are listed at below:
First Batch on 26 September 2014
Institution list with travel subsidy released to their student who applied STS through TSFSDownload PDF file format
Institution list with travel subsidy released to their student who applied STS through FASPDownload PDF file format
Telephone number for enquires on payment of travel subsidy :
Student applied STS through TSFS : 3616 6540 (Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
and Hong Kong Design Institute)
3616 6563 (City University of Hong Kong)
3616 6562 (Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Lingnan University)
3616 6536 (Other Institutions)
Student applied STS through FASP : 3616 6540 (Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education)
3616 6538 / 3616 6549 (Other Institutions)